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COMMS - 'Things Are Still Not Normal'

Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 17:31:51 fd7d9b (2) No.15530468

bizarre article Wandering hen taken into custody at Pentagon security area

She’s now known as Henny Penny, one of the names given to the chicken that thinks “the sky is falling” in a folk tale. Our officers have chosen the name Henny Penny for our #pentagonchicken, and she will be going to live at a local animal sanctuary very soon! This one has gained notoriety of her own: Jimmy Fallon performed a song about her on “The Tonight Show.” “Are you a normal clucker or an undercover spy?” Fallon sang on his Tuesday episode. Jones said Henny Penny is being adopted by a staff member who has a small farm in western Virginia.


Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 17:36:01 3b0226 (16) No.15530485

>>15530468 Newspaper says "Things are still not normal."


Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 17:51:40 4277c7 (5) No.15530577

I suppose there’s room for two Commanders in this town.


Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 18:10:27 8dd856 (9) No.15530706


Anonymous 02/02/22 (Wed) 18:30:13 6207a3 (9) No.15530844

>>15530577 Is that a watering can on the bench? Plants need water. kek

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