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"Clap for That You Stupid Bastards" - Joe Biden Video Resurfaces

Video Surfaces of Joe Biden Calling Our Troops 'Slow, Stupid Bastards' If the media unearthed a video of Donald Trump calling our military “stupid bastards,” do you think it would be running 24/7 on every cable news station? You bet it would. What are the chances, however, that this video of Joe Biden doing exactly that will ever get played on CNN? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That could be doctored.” Sure it could. That was my first thought as well. But then I went searching for the full context and found the whole video. It doesn’t appear doctored in the full video (below at the 1:51 mark). Further, the video was uploaded in January of 2017, years before anyone knew Biden was running for president. In fairness, it’s impossible to tell now what is or is not a deep-fake video. If evidence is presented that casts doubt on the veracity of this video, we would certainly report that. So far, no one has disputed its legitimacy. Context is important, so I listened to the whole thing to see what it was about. In it, Biden seems to be complimenting the troops on their service and sacrifice. He says lots of nice things about the military. That’s what makes it so weird when he snaps and demands that the “dumb bastards” clap for him. It doesn’t seem to be a joke, but perhaps its one of those Old Uncle Joeisms he throws out that no one gets. The exact phrase is, “Clap for that, you dumb bastards! Come on, man! God, you’re a slow bunch. You must be slow here, man.” Weirder still, he’s asking them to clap for his good judgment in hiring someone they know. It’s bizarre. No one laughs. And even more awkward, it does appear that he yelled the insult at them because he was expecting applause to break out spontaneously after he bragged about his good judgment in marrying his wife (this joke is getting so old) and in appointing some guy named Johnson to “the Academy,” and no one clapped. At that point he looked annoyed and then barked at them to clap, insinuating they’re too stupid to have gotten his joke. Maybe they just don’t like Johnson. Who knows? Watch for yourself. Biden is currently running his campaign on the slanderous lie that anonymous sources heard Donald Trump call our dead military heroes “suckers and losers.” This claim has been denied, even by members of the administration famous for tattling on Trump, like John Bolton. The Atlantic editor who wrote the story even admitted key parts of the report may not have been true. Even still, the slur stuck and the media wrote about it for days, trashing the president’s reputation all over the country. Joe Biden made a disgusting commercial out of it. I think the only fair thing to do is for the Trump campaign to take this video and turn it into non-stop ads that run from now until November and Kayleigh McEnany should play it on a loop for Jim Acosta at the next press conference. We all know that the mainstream press is going to bury this tape or get their lapdog fact-checkers on social media to declare it “fake news.” Does Joe Biden actually think of our troops as dumb bastards? Probably not, and I can admit that because I’m not so much of a rabid partisan that I can’t be rational and objective about the opposing party’s candidate, unlike everyone at CNN. But if it’s fair play to report “anonymously sourced” rumors as real news it’s certainly fair play to show America the tape.

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