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Censorship is Tyranny - My Twitter is down. All of them.

The process of documenting the shells of accounts @jack Dorsey left me with was painful. 4 previous accounts all locked down at once. It wasn't just a blank screen - saying your account has been suspended, they let you look around but you cant DO anything. No backing anything up, no list, no followers, nothing.

/@jack I have it recorded including all my analytics, in case I need to send it to a lawyer when we get around to the litigation phase../

As of this moment I am unaware how large this wave of take downs is. I felt the urge to document my outrage of being silenced on a social media platform. The sharing of open sourced research and current events with others, should NEVER be censored. I rarely replied to anyone I tried my hardest to not push people buttons or share the deepest rabbit hole material publicly because I knew they were looking for any reasons to ban us. My primary function was to share what I found elsewhere after I ran it through my personal BS filter and discern the level of readiness for the general public. I have the ability to consume vast amounts of data, the common sense to discern what was real and what wasn't, and the desire to show others how to do what I do. My reach has been limited for a long time. I've practiced decent camouflage over the last 2 years on all alternate accounts. I suspect they took them due to the early usage of hastags or potentially the rapid following that the program tweetduck allowed me to do across all acounts. Maybe the simultaneous follows set off flags, who knows.

I knew I was shadow banned, I knew I was ghost banned, I knew I was censored but something told me to keep pushing on. I maintained decent impression numbers but also knew I could never fill the role of a large account due to family life. Comfy but fighting every day.

Ive spent my last 3 years primarily on twitter but scattered everywhere (digging, watching, archiving, listening, clipping videos, decodes, /qresearch/ etc.) I attempted to start the creation of a new account on Twitter but something is telling me that twitter is dead or damn near it. I believe it will become more and more irrelevant by the day. Especially when POTUS either leaves it or is removed from it. I am going to be shifting my focus to other platforms down the road and attempt to maintain these articles to a higher standard. Ive always tried to be humble about this site. Primarily because a large portion of it is not me, and I am not a professional web developer, nor a journalist. I am a factory worker and a father of 3 children who just needed to fight for a better future for my family.

My goal was to build a small independent ad free news site where it tied as many people together as possible and functioned as a home base to blog the big important news of the day. Simultaneously providing the behind the scenes look at what we do and access to all of our notables. I'm not into begging for money and I hate ads. I truly believe we are moving in to a tip based society and people will reward those that provide value to them. If you get canceled or need/want a new home, create an account and send me a request to blog via email with a link to some of your work and Ill get your permissions switched over to allow post creation.

If you do like this type of post from me, hit that heart button so I know. Maybe I will start to focus my attention to my own project and away from others. What do you think?


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