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Anti Mandate Protests Held in Canberra, Australia


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 21:17:38 9b7e3c (11) No.15573094

There are 1000s sky news and your bs close shots Hundreds of demonstrators gather outside Parliament House to protest vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions Thousands of demonstrators are expected to gather outside Canberra's Parliament House in the first sitting day of this year as they protest against the coronavirus vaccine, restrictions and calls to "restore Australia's original constitution for a sovereign society run by the people". Thousands of protesters are expected to return to Canberra to demonstrate against the coronavirus vaccine mandates and restrictions as well as calling for greater "freedoms". Hundreds have already converged outside Parliament House in the Australian Capital Territory on Tuesday morning. Dozens of flags, including the Australian, Red Ensign and Ureka banners, can be seen waving amongst the cheering crowd. Placards reading "mandates are not law", "unconstitutional" and "solidarity" were just some of the posters being held.

Live updates: Canberra anti-vaccination protests to peak as Parliament returns


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