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Brazilian Armed Forces: Impossible to Grant a Seal of Credibility Given Number of Vulnerabilities.

Anonymous 10/25/22 (Tue) 07:03:19 034cc7 (37) No.17706176


[Forwarded from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)] [ Video ] Bolsonaro made some very interesting statements about him and the military: "What makes us more confident about the on-going elections is the fact that the armed forces in Brazil have been invited to join in electoral transparency…But the armed forces have told me that it is impossible to grant a seal of credibility to the voting system given the very many vulnerabilities that system still features as it stands today.. They did try to assassinate and murder me on September 16th (2018)… We ended up winning the elections. I took office and set up a cabinet very much unlike all the Presidents before me…I actually appointed my cabinet.. One third of which was made up of members of the military…"

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