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Boulder Colorado Shooting breakdown

Anonymous 03/25/21 (Thu) 07:47:49 e5480a (3) No.13294783


Foster The People This video is about the grocery store shooting? Great evidence and comments. Worth a view. All AR-15 Shootings: Boulder Orlando Parkland Las Vegas Aurora, CO Sandy Hook Waffle House San Bernadino Midland/Odessa Poway Synagogue Sutherland Springs Tree Of Life Synagogue Chicago is a gun free, over 1550 shot already this year. Maine can carry concealed firearms without a permit. 4 years later, Maine is the safest state in the union! Tell me again how gun control works!


Anonymous 03/25/21 (Thu) 07:50:00 e5480a (3) No.13294798

IF EVERY 30 SECONDS A CHILD CONTRACTED COVID the media would be outraged…. BUT THE MEDIA ISN'T OUTRAGED THAT EVERY 30 SECONDS a child is trafficked, exploited, sold & raped….. Images from video.

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