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Bobby Piton: I Discovered Phantom Sleeper Voters Injected in Georgia Election

2000 Mules was just the ballot trafficking tip of the iceberg. Many other election system exploits were documented and will eventually come to light.

“You Can Never Think to the Future Until We Solve the Past, Because It Will Just Happen Again.”

Anonymous 05/08/22 (Sun) 21:19:08 7a9e5a (2) No.16237917

"Last year I attended a rally hosted by Senator Mastriano, Amy Kremer (Women for Trump) and Wendy Rogers…. I was not invited, but I had a strong intuitive feeling that I should attend this Gettysburg rally. When I first walked into the auditorium, I went up and shook Senator Mastriano's hand and introduced myself. He seemed shocked that I was there, so I went back to the sign in area and saw Amy Kremer (of Georgia_ and shook her hand introducing myself). She looked as though she seen a ghost which shocked me as I never met her before and I wasn't sure what I would have done that would warrant such a weird response. She asked me to go back outside and wait with everyone else as I wasn't supposed to be inside yet. I thought it was odd and complied and it was wonderful as I met a ton of people that knew about my work in line outside. When I did go back inside, after the speakers had spoken, I tried to go up and talk to Senator Mastriano. I was blocked by his security detail….? It was very, very bizarre. Well, as everyone that has been following me knows, I discovered how 695,000 votes were destroyed in PA and transferred to GA after my work in AZ. In the not too distant future… remember these three names…. In particular Kremer…. The bizarre behavior clicked for me in the past few days… Here is my all nighter testimony that I only had a day to prepare for the GA State Senate." Rumble Video:


Anonymous 05/08/22 (Sun) 21:30:15 1adc4d (1) No.16237994

GENERAL FLYNN IS COMING, GENERAL FLYNN IS COMING! FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022 5PM - 9:30PM Is it possible to TAKE BACK America and MAKE ILLINOIS RED in 2022? Absolutely! Please support my campaign AND enjoy a FULL, EXCITING evening including a catered dinner with a panel discussion and live Q&A with experts General Michael Flynn, Bobby Piton, Doug Billings, Roger Fuller, Jovan Pulitzer (pending) and Ann Vandersteel! Our five-star panel will discuss what is broken and what YOU can do NOW to IMPACT 2022! Patriots from all over IL (and perhaps the country) that want to restore our voice should attend! We are offering tiered ticketing options to make this incredible opportunity available to as many Patriots as possible! Participate at the level that you can to support our campaign to FLIP the US Senate and PLUCK THE DUCK out of Office!


Bobby Piton also appeared in the Deep Rig Movie.

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