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BIDEN's Destruction of America - Day 44

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BIDEN's destruction of America = ==== Day 44 = ==== 889. More false promises: Biden admin not following the science to reopen schools full time 890. Senators grill Biden nominee, Wendy Sherman, as proxy for wider Iran-deal debate 891. House Democrats reportedly delay Biden immigration bill over fears it may not pass 892. Biden two terms? House passes election bill for cheaters 'For the People Act of 2021' 893. Labor Department: 745,000 Americans filed first-time jobless claims week of Feb. 27 894. Biden nominee, Colin Kahl, apologized to Rep senators for disrepectful tweets 895. More than 5,700 unaccompanied minors were apprehended at the border in January 896. About 5,100 children in the custody at DHH Services’ Refugee Resettlement in January 897. By late February, children in custody had risen to 7,000, 90% of shelter capacity 898. Biden Risks a Humanitarian Crisis at the Border as Migrant Children Fill Up Shelters 899. Myanmar’s military attempted to withdraw $1B held at New York Fed, The US blocked it 900. Three states will receive 29% of the $350 billion in direct aid from the COVID bill 901. Lawmakers ask Biden to scrap Trump-era mini-nukes, sea-launched nuclear cruise missile 902. Kamala Harris Takes Call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Behalf of Joe Biden 903. 1,600 Immigrants Arrested Over 3 Days In Single Texas Border Sector 904. Cartels and smuggling networks readying for surge of illegal immigration this spring 905. Biden blocks $1,400 stimulus checks for 16M Americans after tightening eligibility 906. Incoming SEC Chair Gensler To Scrutinize Trading Apps, Rid Crypto Markets Of "Fraud" 907. Biden STILL Won’t Publish Schedule, Visitor Logs, Nor Hold A Presser 908. Biden administration Deletes White House Comments And Petitions Pages 909. Biden Pick For Defense Policy Is A Russian Collusion Hoaxer 910. Biden's DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Dismiss Three Pending Sanctuary City Cases 911. Absolute corruption: Supreme Court drops sanctuary city cases after Biden DOJ request 912. Pentagon Accused of Giving Iran Cover after Iraq Attack as Biden Mulls Retaliation 913. Russia Drawing up 'Blacklists' of Americans to Retaliate Against Biden's Sanctions 914. White House says that Biden backs the new presdential war powers vote in Congress 915. MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAVORITISM: Biden's 'empathy' is the media's excuse for everything 916. Biden Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo declares Trump’s Steel Tariffs Were ‘Effective’ 917. Biden's National Labor Relations Board Blocks Construction Workers From Union Exodus 918. Biden Has Made Some Democratic governors upset with freeze on fracking leases 919. Arizona sheriff: Biden halting border wall construction has left area open for cartels 920. Ted Cruz Releases Blistering Opine Exposing Biden Regime Ties to Communist China 922. Biden's Lack of Leadership: Dems Look to Trump to tell militia groups to stand down 923. Biden orders a temporary limit on drone strikes outside of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq 924. Rockets again strike Iraqi base housing US troops ahead of Pope Francis visit 925. Biden WH 'encouraging, incentivizing and now facilitating illegal entry' into US 926. US Border Patrol caught more than 4,500 migrants crossing the border in a single day BIDEN's Destruction of America | DAY 44


Full List of all 926 items H/T to the Anon who can stomach documenting all of it.

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