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Biden Covid Czar Says Pandemic Not Over

Since the WH has said the pandemic is over... can we go back to business as usual as long as they are vaccinated. Still pushing vaccinations. (Pandemic is not over) Fear Fear Fear Saftey Fear Vaccine Fear Fear Fear. Also Fear


-side note

For those that have been here for a while I have clearly stated my position and reasoning for not only not getting the vaccine, but also for not getting the flu shot and really just taking a huge step back from pharma and big medicine. Many who have fought to expose big pharma have been notabled here - if I can find the time I will attempt to put together a targeted search query to pull all Covid Notables. Its on my to-do list


LEARN SOMETHING Searching Effectively Boolean Operators -


Going on 3 years now, I remember arguing with my dad way back in Feb 2020, even before the MSM started their organized fear campaigns; "Its a fucking bioweapon from China", I would tell him. From my research, I know big pharma, who largely control the vaccines, are a profit generating tentacle of the very Deep State that we were exposing. I tried to warn my friends, my family, and the readers here, of the new MRNA vaccine platform and the realities of current worldwide affairs, most of which are only now becoming apparent to the general public. It has been interesting having them contact me acting like they listened to my warnings when I know they went largely ignored.

It may comes as no surprise for regulars here, but I don't have many friends who fully understand what I have attempted to do. I have taken a very deep dive with some of our more salt of the earth christian friends yet have barely discussed politics with our yuppier friends who I know where their heart is, They have seen my "Trump Won" flag flying outside my home for the last 2 years. In all actuality, my wife has friends and I attempt to behave myself so as to not ruin those friendships. I do not abstain from politics in our casual conversation and regularly push the boundaries of what seems comfortable for discussion.

My closer political friends are random people I have met through work and cultivated an online reciprocal relationship with. I've only been to one of their houses once. I live in the middle of BFE with three children, a full time job, career changing injuries, and this website and everything all that entails. I don't have the time or money to do much of anything with anyone. Until my wife fully realizes what is taking place and my chosen role in it. I am at the whim of her social needs. Without her love and support, I am worthless. I am walking a fine line.


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