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AussieAnon: They're going to force us to inject DNA modifying vaccine and they're doing it soon. DIG

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Q, Aussies need your help!!! They're going to force us to inject DNA modifying vaccine and they're doing it soon. Can you help us expose these motherfuckers? We don't want our kids injected with poison. Mr Morrison subsequently told 3AW that the vaccine, if distributed in Australia, would “be as mandatory as you can possibly make it” but that “there are always exemptions on medical grounds”. Look at the fucking hit piece against truthers: “You know where you can stick that vaccine ScoMo!” one reader wrote on Facebook. “Give it to your squad but don’t you dare come near me or my family with that poison!” Another said, “Death shots here we come. Line up team sheep. Can’t wait.” Bill Gates was a common theme. “Is this the one from Dr Bill Gates that believes in lowering the world’s population by use of vaccines significantly to help with ‘climate change’?” one reader asked. Another said, “The grim reaper is in the house. Bill Gates must be rubbing his hands with all the billions of dollars that he will make.” One added, “Considering Bill Gates is a eugenicist and this fraudulent orchestrated pandemic is all about the UN’s Agenda 21 and depopulation I think I’ll pass.” Many comments questioned the need for a vaccine given the recovery rate.

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>>10337856 After the second incident where a nurse is stabbed or slashed by someone she is about to inject, the medical profession will push back against this and the whole country will be in an uproar. Right now, people need to speak truth to power and tell Australian healthcare workers that they are placing their own lives in the hands of Mr. Morrison because people who are angry at Morrison for his policy will be stabbing or slashing healthcare workers. Morrison is telling Australia that the days of Slip, Slap Slop are over. Now it's every man for himself and Slash, Stab. Drop . Disgusting ignorance of human behavior patterns on the part of Mr. Morrison. Has he never heard of how America's She-bears will protect their cubs? The same thing with an African Lioness. The country has been whipped up into a frenzy of fear and panic for 6 months. Expecting Australians to behave rationally when a JAB is threatened to them or their family is pure idiocy. Mr. Morrison has created this life threatening situation for front-line health-care workers. They would be better to lock themselves in their homes and let the politician do the jabbing.

Dan Bongino covered what Melbourne is doing to their citizens last week

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