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Asbury Revival - Spontaneous Outpouring

Anonymous 02/16/23 (Thu) 23:19:16 876f01 (5) No.18362736


>live stream linked was removed prior to archive

So my friends I wanted to relate to you a event that took place in my church. Yes Milo goes to church... Anyway I will not make this a long story but I believe that it needs to be told; A month or so ago we had a guest pastor and he was British. He was talented... He caught my attention... He spoke of a revelation that he had and many other pastors had had and that

they have been discussing. He grew very serious at one point and looked at us all and he simply said this; God is here! He said it repeatedly.

Not in the traditional sense like that he's here with us always or in the sense that he's attending church with us today or in our souls or all around us because that is the holy spirit.. It does not change the fact that his son will come soon as well and I am paraphrasing...

He said the father has come and he is in earth here now and that he will move a great number of people. He will fortify our spirit within us. He is here to do battle in a more personal way. Now I have discussed this with several friends and my father with varied comments and results... But after the Grammys and that outrageous display of the unholy by Sam Smith...

And the mass media embracement of this on the following day the Asbury revival began. Now at the time when this pastor spoke I am not a man that is often moved but tears ran freely down my cheeks... I could feel it and I do believe the father is truly here.

I am not telling you this for a debate purpose or to challenge your beliefs or scripture. I am just telling you about this event because to me it has already come true in more ways than I can relate. I do want to caution all about Asbury in one sense though; To start this massive old engine there will be coughs and sputters before it catches and roars into life for all to see. That being said I do believe with must fan the spark into life that has started in Asbury. We all

must protect the embers and guard it as it gains it's strength and momentum. Not just in the media but in our selves... We must increase our strength. But we must strengthen others around us as well.

I will be watching the negativity from some and I will not allow it to build to dishearten each of us. This is an important time and it is important for those that lead to encourage and build those around you... Don't debate and opinion here is always a Hallmark of this group and within our community. But those that just drip darkness won't be encouraged. As a team we'll

remain consistent maintaining our positive approach. But I want to let you know what has been going thru my mind as of late with all of these events and I did want to let you know that I am excited about what is coming spiritually and movement wise. I have never been so confident that we will prevail... Ever!

Yes the father is here, I believe that beyond my faith and I've taken it as a fact. Have a great day everyone.

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