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Are the US/G7 ensuring Russia's switch to a gold-backed ruble?

Anonymous 03/25/22 (Fri) 19:58:23 c9ba06 (13) No.15944815

Are the US/G7 ensuring Russia's switch to a gold-backed ruble?

The Central Bank of #Russia has assured that all gold from foreign exchange reserves is in the vaults of the Bank of Russia on the territory of the country. EU still has to buy 6.6 tonnes of gold worth of oil every day from Russia. Because they'll now have to do it buy turning their gold into rubles which will then be turned back into gold, it's now a deal that favors Russia by almost 1/3. Also, Russia just announced their central bank will start buying gold again and they affixed a 90 day value of gold at 5k rubles per gram. "Gold Will Destroy The Fed" Who could have imagined the Fed would make sure of this?


Anonymous 03/25/22 (Fri) 18:25:49 940c33 (16) No.15944273

The US and G7 freeze the Russian Central Bank's gold reserves. This is 20% of the central bank's total assets, between $100 to $140 billion.


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