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Antifa attacks GOP volunteers w/smoke bombs, rocks, fireworks, and paint filled balloons

Updated: May 3, 2022

Police never showed. If someone throws rocks and smoke grenades at you, you are being attacked. Fight back. Come on Portland... Held hostage buy Soros funded societal rejects and a government derelict in its duty.

Anonymous 05/02/22 (Mon) 07:00:57 522be6 (10) No.16194041

On Sunday in Portland, Antifa directed their ire at GOP volunteers who had gathered for an event for the Republican gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam, who supports re-funding the police. That’s a no-no to Antifa, so they attacked the event, throwing smoke grenades, paint-filled balloons, and fireworks at people including elderly people and families with little kids — not caring who they might hurt in the process. Two people were injured by “mortars,” according to the police. Despite this being near the police headquarters, the police didn’t show up

Anonymous 05/02/22 (Mon) 07:08:046 b346f (5) No.16194055


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