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Anonymous 09/16/21 (Thu) 01:34:04 df20f9 (1) No.14592472

So let me get this straight. Durham makes first of (presumably) many indictments and his first move is to indict a partner of the Perkins Coie law firm that is basically the paper-processing of the entire Cabal linking everyone from the Clintons, Obama, and Joe Biden to Google, Amazon, Starbucks et al., and not only did he make a move to indict him by a grand jury which shows he's both serious AND puts the whole Deep State on high alert He ALSO apparently warned him ahead of time that charges were coming. Why would he do that to a partner at the company that "knows where the bodies are buried" financially and logistically for the entire Deep State? So Sussman has time to gather evidence and blackmail he's been saving as insurance. So he can offer to snitch for a reduced sentence for himself. On top of this, shills are out in full force tonight trying to both slide AND yelling "trust the plan is for suckers!" Oh, and of course Pelosi is making a grand show of setting up more fencing ahead of the fedbait "January 6th 2: Honeypot Boogaloo" habbening that no civilians are attending. It might as well just be an FBI/CIA charity picnic. We just got confirmation that a high-ranking military general (Milley) warned our enemy and committed treason while President Trump was still in office which simultaneously proves that the Deep State is real AND sets up the narrative that the military isn't "blindly loyal to Trump" for when the military has to step in, so people can't claim Trump used the military to "steal back the White House" like they've been trying to claim since January. All this is happening as the AZ audits are about to drop. The AZ audits that will prove election rigging happens just days after California rigged another election with the entire world watching because they had to or they'd hand a $3 TRILLION per year asset back to the control of the Good Guys. And we're supposed to believe that all this is happening means nothing is happening? lmao Trump will be President again soon. Christ is King Forever

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