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Agenda 47

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Agenda 47

"Ending Veteran Homelessness in America"

"No Welfare for Illegal Aliens"

"The American Academy"

"President Trump's Message to America's Auto Workers"

"President Trump's Pledge to Homeschool Families"

"President Trump’s Ten Principles For Great Schools Leading To Great Jobs"

"America Must Have the #1 Lowest Cost Energy and Electricity on Earth"

"Ending the Nightmare of the Homeless, Drug Addicts, and Dangerously Deranged on American Streets"

"Returning Production of Essential Medicines Back to America and Ending Biden’s Pharmaceutical Shortages"

"President Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Human Traffickers"

"Rescuing America’s Auto Industry from Joe Biden’s Disastrous Job-Killing Policies"

"Rebuilding America’s Depleted Military"

"Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs Infecting Educational Institutions"

"Protecting Americans by Taking on Big Pharma and Ending Global Freeloading"

"Cementing Fair and Reciprocal Trade with the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act"

"Using Impoundment to Cut Waste, Stop Inflation, and Crush the Deep State"

"Addressing Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses"

"Ending the Scourge of Drug Addiction in America"

"Celebration Of 250 Years Of American Independence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds"

"Day One Executive Order Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals and Outlawing Birth Tourism"


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