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#6209 Baker change

>>4864270 Ghosn agrees to resign as Renault chairman and CEO, reports say

>>4864014 Developing: FBI officials threaten to release Weiner’s laptop, exposing Clinton’s

>>4863978 Bill to get the United States totally out of the U.N. proposed Jan 3

>>4863975 New sentencing memo's from Friday pertaining to Cohen

>>4863957 Schumer on POTUS' wall proposal

>>4863924 Covington and why the left freaked so hard: ~3min vid

>>4863920 Kamala Harris hires heavy hitter lawyer involved with Russian dossier

>>4863898 Zazzle refuses to print anything Q related

>>4863883 North Carolina judge refuses to certify Republican as winner of U.S. House vote

>>4863873 SERCO: The Mother of all Multinational Corporations

>>4863854 Is the "foreign government owned company" in the SCOTUS appeal case, Rosatom?

>>4863826 Flynn, Kushner, Mueller, Israel and the UN

>>4863811 Assange tweet and Q Post connection re HRC video? '5774'

>>4863809 Live: Senate debates on bill to re-open government, fund border wall

>>4863751 , >>4863920 Supreme Court to hear biggest gun rights case since 2010

>>4862759 Update on Covington students visiting WH: likely to happen after shutdown is resolved

>>4863751 SCOTUS to hear NYC gun rights case

>>4863799 NC judge declines to certify 9th District congressional race as fraud investigation continues

>>4862873 ; >>4863072 FOX reporting Covington students to meet with POTUS as early as tomorrow

>>4862894 Chris Brown arrested by French police on allegations of rape

>>4862899 Senate returns after Trump makes proposal to end shutdown

>>4862935 MSM connections to Mexican cartels thread

>>4862947 EU sanctions Russia, Syria over alleged chemical attacks

>>4862951 Summary of Brett Baier twitter weirdness

>>4862952 Reports of POTUS holding rally in TX instead of delivering SOTU

>>4862985 Virginia governor announces bill to repeal voter ID requirement

>>4862962 Russian military detects launch of Israeli missile drone over Mediterranean

Baker Change

>>4863064 Planefag Updates

>>4863108 Update on Pittsburgh 2A

>>4863145 ; >>4863379 On Nathan Phillips and the lie re: his “service” in Vietnam

>>4863273 Chelsea Clinton pregnant with third child

>>4863352 Report of POTUS requesting Sergeant-At-Arms to schedule SOTU walkthrough

>>4863353 CERN plans new particle accelerator 4x larger than current one

>>4863382 Re: DS and the deletion of a twitter acc’t linked to viral spread of Covington controversy (analysis)

>>4862670 Erdogan: Turkey not to allow Syria safe zone to turn into ‘swamp’.

>>4862664 Pompeo at 1:17: "Do they signal fair weather or foreshadow a STORM?"

>>4862636 Tijuana: 17 Murders in 28 Hours.

>>4862607 WhatsApp down: Messenger not working across the world on iPhone and Android.

>>4862575 President Trump to deliver SOTU speech Jan. 29 as scheduled - Location to be announced.

>>4862542 Remainer Rudd: 40 Ministers will resign to vote against No Deal Brexit.

>>4862510 Jerome Corsi adds Washington Post, Jeff Bezos to lawsuit against Mueller.

>>4862453 Six Migrants kidnapped and held Belgian woman as sex slave for months.

>>4862404 Bret Baier Tweet regarding crash.

>>4862394 Ex-US Marine Paul Whelan charged with spying was in possession of Russian ‘state secrets’ – lawyer.

>>4862370 Cristiano Ronaldo accepts 2yr jail term and €19mln fine after pleading guilty to tax fraud.

>>4862309, >>4862525 Oppo research 5G and AI globally.

>>4862278 Conservatives banned over 'unpopular' views while the Left gets away with death threats.

>>4862138 Covington students turn the circus into a positive fund raising campaign for Students for Life.

>>4862129 US cuts funding to Palestine.


>>4862035 46 Attorneys General reach $120 million settlement with J&J over hip implants.

>>4861988 Planefag: United Arab Emirates Air Force flight near Phoenix. Started tracking over Oklahoma.

>>4861944 AOC: So dumb she's smart.

>>4861844 Planefag: Looks like GTMO152 could have come out of GITMO.

>>4861809 Netanyahu in 2001: ‘America is a thing you can move very easily.' Not anymore.

>>4861793 CNN: Not sending their best.

>>4861752 Nuclear-capable Russian bomber crashes amid snowstorm: Defence Ministry.

>>4861734 Rush Limbaugh: Matt Osborne behind Alabama election meddling and 'Stop Rush' campaigns?

>>4861718 Plane crash in NE Ohio kills pilot and co-pilot.

>>4861713 Drudge: Rise in Satanism in America. Preparing America for drops?

>>4861703 Anon: Mike Flynn's Twitter sunset progressing?

>>4861631 DeSantis appoints Carlos Muñiz, who has never been a judge, to Florida Supreme Court.

>>4861452 Pompeo blasting Davos globalists. "…Or foreshadow a STORM?"

>>4861507 Dig on rapid automated processing of DNA. Gattaca?

>>4861449 Commerce Secretary #WilburRoss to testify before Oversight Committee.

>>4861634, >>4861372 Pence to the Venezuelan people: "We are with you"

>>4861369 Wess Mitchell resigns from the State department.

>>4861348 New Pompeo Tweet: "Had a chance to address the global leaders gathered at WEF…"

#6205 Baker Change

>>4861206 DJT Tweet: Baker, Op, Research and 11:06 timestamp. Speaking to the board?

>>4861173 Rob Sanders (KY prosecutor) states his office will not take threats of violence against educational institutions lightly.

>>4861140 France will have to leave Syria with US troop withdrawal.

>>4861074 H.R. McMaster has a new job.

>>4860932 Saudi Aramco eyes multi-billion-dollar U.S. gas acquisitions: CEO.

>>4860973, >>4860894 New DJT Tweets. One with an additional space.

>>4860807 Haberman tweeting about dogs.

>>4860797 Supreme Court to allow mystery company to file sealed appeal in grand jury battle linked to Mueller.

>>4860759 India presses China to import more Indian products to reduce trade deficit.

>>4860738 Latino leader demands Pledge of Allegiance change to honor immigrants, native Americans, not the flag.

>>4860644 Pence urges Venezuela to rally around opposition leader.

>>4860586 DJT Tweet: "The reason Sarah Sanders does not go to the 'podium' much anymore is…"

>>4860539 Bandon Truaxe, founder of skincare brand Declem, has died at 40 (preliminary reports)

>>4860431, >>4860532 Greg Stohr twat Shall not be infringed.

>>4860226 Frank Wisner, Marshall Plan DIGG.

>>4860140 SCOTUS allows transgender ban to take effect.

>>4860299 Bret Baier, family survive turnover car crash in Montana

>>4859788, >>4860255, >>4860352 New DJT Tweets.

>>4860204 Anon: Connection between German Marshall Fund dig and Hamilton 68 mention in Alabama notes.

>>4859755 Dear Covington Catholic students I’d like to invite You to the Polish Parliament.


>>4859010 Us Singer Chris Brown Has Been Arrested In France Following An Accusation Of Rape.

>>4859014, >>4859344 The MAGA Kids And Indian Thing Gets Even Worse (Continuing From Last Night Notable)

>>4859021 Qanon Is Part Of The Trump Campaign’s ‘comprehensive Media Strategy’ For 2020

>>4859047, >>4859082, >>4859100 A supersonic, long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber Tu-22M3 has crashed

>>4859127 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Throw Chicago an 'Alice in Wonderland' Birthday Party

>>4859132 Brandon Truaxe, the former CEO and founder of skin care company Deciem, has died at the age of 40

>>4859175 UK nuclear sub narrowly avoids collision with passenger ferry

>>4859205 BuzzFeed CEO Spoofed Prominent Gun Rights Activist To Spread Disinformation

>>4859213, >>4859248 Pearl Linux releases Pearl Desktop 8 beta, Codename Qanon

>>4859254 Emiliano Sala: Cardiff City FC player on missing plane

>>4859139, >>4859223, >>4859259, >>4859624 Got some good digs posting about Marshall Plan

>>4859346, >>4859357 Alliance for Security Democracy & Marshall Fund

>>4859457, >>4859462 Resignations in the news 1/21/2019

>>4859520 Atlanta superintendent: Super Bowl to ‘super-size’ risk of child sex trafficking

>>4859522 antiPope Bergoglio is closely linked to a child sex smuggling operation

>>4859528 Tesla's Customer Service E-Mail Address Implodes, Returning "Mailbox Full" Errors

>>4859536 CIA has maintained secret communication with North Korea for 10 years

>>4859596, >>4859111, >>4859385, >>4859619 Thinking this Alabama meddling story, doesn't this have to be a limited hangout?

>>4858909 Death Of Russiagate? Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud'S Network

>>4858876 Retired Ss Agent Files Lawsuit Against Clintons, Podesta And Deep State Trump Haters

>>4858858 Dude From Info Wars News Wars Get's Sexually Assaulted At Womens March

>>4858854 Coming Soon To A Police Station Near You: The DNA ‘Magic Box’

>>4858645 With All The Shit Thats Being Spread About Maga And White Supremacy

(Baker Change)

>>4858211, >>4858215, >>4858216 High Level Connections Hussein, HRC, and Muh Russia/Alabama Election Meddling

>>4858274 Turkey Planning International Investigation Into Khashoggi Case

#6201 Baker Change

>>4857488 U.S. to formally seek extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou

>>4857489, >>4857870, >>4857932, >>4858000, >>4858054 Email and password dumps from,, and more

>>4857634 Reminder: Kamala Harris Aide Accused of Running An Occult Police Force

>>4857744 Trump to put 'game changer' pressure on Cuba

>>4857752 Taliban kill ‘more than 100 people’ in attack on Afghan military base

>>4857824, >>4857828 On Pelosi's father's ties to the mob

>>4857863 Video of Tucker: "Maybe Mueller is secretly working for Trump"

>>4857924 Death Of Russiagate? Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud's Network

>>4858075 @CJPearson and friends are sending list of 1800 "Verified Bullies" to Covington Catholic attorneys.

>>4856698 anon collection MS13 graphic (open link/image new tab for max vis)

>>4856811, >>4857255 Missions forward, POTUS RT of Kaya Jones (anon theory SxS)

>>4856802 US to formallly seek extradition of Huawei exec Meng

>>4856958 FBI last 24 hrs

>>4856774 State of Emergency declared in Newport County, RI - nat gas issues, no heat, its 6 deg F

>>4856877 Warriors Prayer (anon prays, we amen)

>>4856974 anon on the Catholic smear ongoing

>>4857326 Libel laws & the end of MSM tied to POTUS sandman tweet

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