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62 mile long convoy around DC & STILL….No National Media Coverage….

Convoy Organizers making diplomatic decisions to avoid possible DC DS Swamp Traps

62 mile long convoy, MSM silent.

Anonymous 03/07/22 (Mon) 11:51:29 54cadb (13) No.15804871

US trucker convoy leader @brianbrase84: “I am fearful of them trying to do to us what they did to those involved in Jan 6. It is our belief that they WILL try to do that….that means at this time, meaning today, tomorrow, we are not and will not go into DC proper.”


MUST WATCH: Drone footage shows The Peoples Convoy in Hagerstown MD. The convoy has amassed so many vehicles, parts of the convoy have had to stay in neighboring cities as far out as 30 miles. Follow us to see more videos


Anonymous 03/07/22 (Mon) 12:02:25 e76b01 (38) No.15804910


Anonymous 03/07/22 (Mon) 13:00:18 bbebea (29) No.15805296

Our convoy is circling the DC Beltway….. The beltway is over 62 miles around…

Our front truck just caught up with the last one. 62 mile long convoy around DC & STILL….no national media coverage…. 1:21 PM · Mar 6, 2022 from Maryland, USA·Twitter for Android



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