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#6199 Baker Change

>>4856015, >>4856067 LA DJ twat says burn the school w the kids in side, all good says twatter

>>4855987, >>4856229 Molly McKew, CNN's 'Information Warfare Researcher' (fwiw)

>>4856093 Judicial Watch has a petition if you want to partake

>>4856235 Fortnite predator 'groomed children on voice chat'

>>4856145 Fortnite has become a money-laundering paradise

>>4856294, >>4856510 Cartel territory and drug routes maps along with other routes maps (overlays, trends)

>>4856216 Sacramento Bee, Pro Trump op-ed….

>>4856183 Los Angeles…. MAGA rally yesterday (Blexit)

>>4856322, >>4856360 WH clean SIG… was Kek The Bucket?

>>4855623 Donna Brazile and the Bay Area "WATER King". Dig

>>4855585 Molly McKew, CNN's 'Information Warfare Researcher'

>>4855555 Kek has spoken 5:5: 'TRUST POTUS' quints

>>4855486 JW post on Carter Page's FISA not being heard by FISA court

>>4855467 , >>4855564 Covington: CNN's 'Information Warfare Researcher': Video was amplified by anon accts

>>4855449 Infamous Private Paramilitary Firm Blackwater Planning Comeback. First Stop: Syria

>>4855437 JW: "The federal government subsidizes George Soros’s radical leftwing agenda

>>4855375 , >>4855471 Moar digging on Kamala Harris' ethnicity

>>4855374 , >>4855401 Migrants "rent" children to other migrants trying to cross the border

>>4855280 New research links payments to doctors with prescription opioid ODs

>>4855119 Hungary: we will prevent Brussels from implementing the UN Migration Pact

>>4855107 Fresh POTUS tweet re Covington HS

>>4854646 , >>4854714 Twitter Acct That Started Misleading Viral Video of 'MAGA Teen' Encounter Was Fake

>>4854656 As outlook darkens, central banks think hard about their language

>>4854562 , >>4854829 Covington High School Updates

>>4854542 Progress with people being wrong about the Covington kids

>>4854521 Anon's reply after messaging the WH re proof of life for RBG

>>4854498 @FLOTUS Dancing Tweet Photo Decode: A Tale of Two Graphics

>>4854486 , >>4854509, >>4854587, >>4854703, >>4854665 Discussion on 'markers' & new thread

>>4854390 Are Hillary and Donna delivering a message? Assassination Plot?

>>4854365 Planefag Notes

>>4854356 'Strangers' trying to pick up kids in SD connected to Pelosi?

>>4854344 Shocking study reveals how Twitter and FB learn your private information


>>4854206, >>4853819 Digs on Kamala Harris' citizenship

>>4854116 Biden: GOP Stole Florida and Georgia Governorships with ‘Voter ID Laws’

>>4854041 , >>4854075 Tucker: "What if Mueller is working for Trump?"

>>4854038 Trump Highlights Democrats’ Unwillingness to Negotiate on Wall, Shutdown

>>4854024 For keks: Soros, the worlds biggest anti-semetic conspiracy theory

>>4853907 Senators Introduce Bill to Bar Lawmakers From Delaying Government Funding

>>4853625 Who is the Arizona Mafia ?

>>4853632 NGO getting ahead of Gitmo?

>>4853604 POTUS Schedule update.

>>4853586 US Marines Tweet: "Bird Watching"

>>4853393 Natural gas pipeline explosion in Ohio creates giant fireball that damages homes.

>>4853321 Mercedes Benz Stadium similar architecture to Pantheon?

>>4853127 Trump's strategy on China is Winning Bigly.

>>4853083 Former top FBI lawyer personally involved in FISA warrant for Trump aide, other Russia probe irregularities, transcript shows.

>>4852900 CS Tweet: Unfinished business?

>>4852851 The border crisis is not manufactured, some children are rented to bypass laws.

>>4852573 DJT Tweet: "…A Humanitarian Crisis!"

>>4852485 DJT Tweet: "Four people in Nevada viciously robbed and killed by an illegal immigrant who should not have been in our Country…"

>>4852475 House Judiciary Democrat says Justice Kavanaugh will 'likely' be investigated for perjury.

>>4852448 Q clock upate. Re-read crumbs.

>>4852121 Anon: The golden bull in china is not just moloch but it is the y head family?

>>4852068 Potfag: RBG 2/11/18 Q crumb.

>>4852026 Cops at Covington HS due to threats.

>>4852024 Two American soldiers injured by car bomb in Hasaka.

>>4851930 US DoD: "Another one bites the dust."

>>4851810 Brad Pitt’s New Orleans housing charity is in trouble.

>>4851496, >>4851798 Golden bull in China = moloch?

>>4851775 Google fined $57 million under new EU data privacy rules.

>>4851648 Giuliani backtracks on comments Trump sought Moscow deal throughout 2016.

>>4851312, >>4851647 Real deal dig.

>>4851586 FBI breaks up International sex trafficking ring with ties to China.

>>4851561 Now Maggie retweeting about money.

>>4851406 U.S. Airport Screener absences triple as shutdown continues.

>>4851328 China grants Ivanka Trump 5 trademarks amid trade talks.

>>4851315 Brazile was a Clinton handler?

>>4851313 New POTUS Tweets: 11 min delta.

>>4851300 Giuliani communicated with Mueller’s team about BuzzFeed Fake News Trump-Cohen-Moscow article – agreed much of it false.

>>4851284 DJT Tweet: "If Nancy Pelosi thinks that Walls are 'immoral',…"

>>4851267 Anon: Something feels spoopy about these tweets.

>>4851949 36193


>>4850976 Cleveland Police Chief Constable Mike Veale resigns after less than a year.

>>4851164 Dems angry as Lindsey Graham uses Judicial Committee Chair position to investigate Obama era scandals.

>>4851160 DJT Tweet: "China posts slowest economic numbers since 1990 due to U.S. trade tensions…"

>>4851066, >>4851098, >>4851140 U.S. and North Korean spies have held secret talks for a decade.

>>4850970 Kamala with Netanyahu in late 2017.

>>4850961 Chinese scientist behind gene-edited babies fired by University.

>>4850951 ISIS suicide bomb targets U.S. convoy in northeastern Syria.

>>4850863 Germany bans Iranian Airliner, thanks to U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell.

>>4850538 Anon theory on Donna Brazile comms.

>>4850821 Union is banking on key House Committee Democrats in ‘living wage’ push.

>>4850820 Food assistance payments came early but have to last until March.

>>4850791 John Yarmuth says he was joking about banning MAGA hats after incident with teens, tribal elder.

>>4850588 Film company to conduct a simulated explosion in NYC.

>>4850702 Muslim captured in Syria is “Canadian” who narrated gruesome ISIS propaganda videos.

>>4850607 Jesse Jackson once sang Donald Trump’s praises.

>>4850562 ‘Illusion of safety’ blamed for deaths of four US service members in Syria.

>>4850541 Study reveals three quarters of people are dissatisfied with “undemocratic”, “self-interested” and “divided” political parties.

>>4850505 U.S. military launched a Delta-IV Heavy rocket on Saturday.

>>4850353 Comey Code graphic: Anon connects Q Posts (2 days ahead of schedule), Atlanta, Moloch, Super Bowl, & The Sum of All Fears

>>4849858 CIA Controlled NK Side by Side

>>4850072 2 former Federal Reserve chairs stated that the Federal Reserve alone is responsible for creating all recessions in US

>>4850102 Giuliani says his team communicated with Mueller's team on BuzzFeed News article, agreed much of it false

>>4850182 Nathan Phillips lied about being a Marine Combat vet during Vietnam war

>>4850323 HEADS UP NYC: A media production with a simulated explosion is scheduled to take place today

>>4850278 Baker Testimony Reveals Perkins Coie Lawyer Provided FBI With Information on Alfa Bank Allegations

>>4849069 Strange Donna Brazile tweet: fuckery afoot?

>>4849294 An array of crises are keeping several world leaders away from #WEF19 in Davos

>>4849409, >>4849468 Venezuela arrests 27 soldiers for rising up against Maduro

>>4849395, >>4849442 First hearings of the new Congress start next week on the Senate side; House = crickets still

>>4849594 Deciem Founder Brandon Truaxe Dead at 40


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