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450 People Arrested, 39 Victims Rescued During Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Operation

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

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Video- 450 Arrested in Human Trafficking Scheme, Part of Operation Reclaim and Rebuild 450 People Arrested, 39 Victims Rescued During Statewide Anti-Human Trafficking Operation FINGER LAKES 19 DEC 2020: Steuben Legislator Among 5 Charged in Sex Trafficking Ring






A mostly unrelated tangent to the above just to make (You) aware.

Jim Carey's spot on "The Office" mentions people going missing in the Finger lakes.

My wife and I enjoyed this series when it first came out. I re-watched the whole thing with fresh eyes. You would be surprised at the amount of [DS] comms are in the show, specifically around Season 7 you can really start to see the transition towards a darker narrative.

I've noticed, over the years music and movies that are targeted at middle class Americans young and old, are full of propaganda designed to demoralize, pervert, and corrupt. They start very mainstream and neutral to get you to connect with the actors or show. Once the audience or targeted demographic is established they inject what ever narrative they want.

For those that have watched The Office, think Robert California and Dwight. Some of the scenes surrounding those two characters in the finale couple seasons are disturbing in comparison light fun comedy in the earlier episodes.

There are more important things to focus on right now than propaganda in old sitcoms. Don't get too distracted going and looking for other examples they're everywhere. Once you recognize what to look for and why they do it you'll start to see it in almost everything that comes out of Hollywood. The key is recognizing their big picture transition from [light to dark]


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