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This site was designed to function as an enhancement to anons in the digital battle space. I was tired of being led around by those in positions of power or those with extraordinary means. Due to the sensitive nature of the war we fight, and the ability of the enemy to twist mass perceptions, we attempt to conduct ourselves in as professional manner as possible highlighting verifiable and thought provoking anon research. While we understand this war is currently fought off site we strive to provide a resource to equip anons with accurate information to be more effective on the digital battlefield changing hearts and minds. 

Many areas of Qnotables are designated public and anon accessible. Some functions require higher levels of scrutiny and verification. I respect your privacy and no personally identifiable information need be transmitted, stored, or known. I only ask to verify prior knowledge to better understand (you).  Let's work together. 

If you would like to discuss further, I am always available at

Archivist Application

Thank you for your interest.

Ghost in the machine PSYWAR logo from Special Operations video. ART OF WAR Fifth Gen Warfare
Make America Great Again, Trumps iconic red MAGA hat links to an historic video release of the J6 political prisioners singing from jail
Pepe the Frog, a controversial character from chan culture that has been maligned without proper context. A library of my favorites.



-Welcome to the Deepend!


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